At Elrick Technology, the work environment has been created to build a sense of inclusivity and progress. We strive to make our workspace professional yet homely. This is exactly the environment that potential employees would want to work in. The ambiance at Elrick is kept optimal with a good amount of competence yet a warm vibe that is perfect for accomplishing all tasks as a team. 

Completing every mission to fruition

Headquartered in Kolkata, our office creates the perfect environment for fostering creativity as well as extending support for every project undertaken. The youthful spirit allows us to stay motivated to deliver every project with enthusiasm and passion. It does not matter what a project entails, the difficulty level, or the nature of the project. All these aspects remain irrelevant when it comes to our dedication. 

Driving the Right Values for a Wholesome Experience

With the completion of every project, Elrick Technology keeps moving in the forward direction. We are becoming stronger and even more competitive with every passing day. The improvements are shown at every quantitative and qualitative level over the course of time. With more and more assignments coming our way, from various fields, our growth is becoming even more solidified. We take specific care when it comes to adding new members to our team, to build quality and not just quantity. With every employee, we raise the standards of performance even more. When making potential hires, performance is the only determinant. 

We believe in equality when it comes to the corporate ladder. The ‘Elrick workplace’ does not know social or professional segregation. It thrives on symbiotic relationships that exist among all employees. We value every member’s hard work as a valuable asset while creating the perfect harmony, culturally and technologically. 

Relaxation is never at the expense of work

We strongly believe that all work and no play make our employees burn out and stressed. Hence, we have scheduled various activities at regular intervals. Every Friday it's time for an interactive competition that promotes the spirit of unity as well as boosts collaboration skills. 

With the aroma of great coffee all around the air, competent work, and a light atmosphere, Elrick Technology boosts employee satisfaction. This helps us to promote punctuality and hard work in every employee.

When we all work together, inspiration and creativity flourish from every corner. 

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